Born in Lisbon in 1977, lives in Porto.
Attended Painting at Ar.Co without graduating and dedicated the following years teaching himself on traditional and emerging techniques.
In 2015 he begins an editorial project and dedicates his attention to engraving and photography, with a focus on historical processes.
Since 2018 he began developing a body of digital work on the Ethereum blockchain (NFTs), through which he explores themes from his personal imaginary that lays heavily on magical and arcane forms of thought.
As a natural extension of his digital activities, in 2019 he becomes the founder of the Thoreau Centre for the Blockchain Arts, a Virtual Reality curatorship project that gathers the work of several digital artists.

Praise your titans, 2019

'Feed them your blood'

Nameless Idol (veiled), 2020

'Peering into the future he saw nothing - it was yet to be made.'

An amulet for inspiration, 2020

Hand minted copper coin



The Book of To sin, 2017

Portuguese translation, self-published.

Praised Titan, 2021

'ever ever ever'

The Seventh Seal (and the clouds above), 2021

(...) Anybody hear of plague in this town? The town I've left behind was burned to the ground A young girl on a stake, her face framed in flames Cried, "I'm not a witch, God knows my name" The knight, he watched with fear, he needed to know He ran where he might feel God's breath And in the misty church, he knelt to confess The face within the booth was Mr. Death "My life's a vain pursuit of meaningless miles... Why can't God touch me with a sign?" "Perhaps there's no one there," answered the booth And Death hid within his cloak and smiled (...) Scott Walker - The Seventh Seal

Untitled (to Jan van Eyck), 2023

around noon I think.

State of the Art, a still life, 2023

around noon I think.

Procession, 2023

'Procession moves on, the shouting is over
Praise to the glory of loved ones now gone
Talking aloud as they sit round their tables
Scattering flowers washed down by the rain (...)'

The Eternal - Ian Curtis

#17 - Veiled Still Life, 2021

around noon I think

The Crooked ones, 2022

we all have names - a scent of blossoming spring - an untold story.

Still life with a single pear and a self-reference, 2020

Another study in light (where the long shadows fall).

OVUM, 2020

[lead-like mercury - (rejoicing and in motion) - manifests the whole]
It's not much of a riddle, every sage will tell you that the egg came first. The egg was then split, and became the 'heavens' and the 'earth', and all things great and small that therein exist, proceeded from the very same egg.

Untitled, 2020

Liber AL vel Legis, 2015

Portuguese translation, self-published

Still Life, 2024

Splendor Solis

Foundations of Matter, 2018

Cyanotype print

#97 - A bone idol, 2019

'They remind me of those little figurines that the Romans had... idols of household deities' - he said - '... or maybe the Slavic ones made of wood? Either way, odd as it may be, it makes sense to find some of these laying around.'
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